• What Is Accurize shooting system ?

    Its a target for dry shooting, Accurize target is built on a heavy duty plastic frame to provide years of trouble free laser shooting action. With a short flash laser bullet  you can hit the target ,and get the result of the hit directly to your tablet or phone via Bluetooth technology, instantly.

    Accurize shooting system is for indoor use under normal light conditions. Avoid direct sunlight on target.

    Integrated battery offers you hours of shooting action.

    The targets are scaled to the correct size according to original targets and are optimally used at 5 m or 10 m distance. This gives you the same feeling as when shooting at real targets for gun, rifle, pistol etc.

    Excellent for dry shooting practice with different firearms.


  • Where can I find user manuals?

    User manual

    User manual

  • How to use it?

    The Accurize target system is easy to install and simple to use. Just follow the instructions in the user manual , which you will find on our webpage

    User manual


    No cables or computers are needed. Use your mobilphone or your tablet to monitor hits and results with Bluetooth. Use your own firearm, add your laser ammo, and in a few minutes you can enjoy a trouble free shooting.

  • What is the size of the Accurize?

    Dimensions: 270 x 210 x 28mm.

  • What is the weight of Accurize?

    Weight: 800g

  • What is the distance for shooting at the target?

    Accurize works optimally between 5m and up to 15m shooting distance. The normal is 5m or 10m distance.

    The targets are scaled for use on 5m or 10m and are identical to real target.

  • What targets can be used?

    There are different exchangeable targets which are available to use. It is animal motif, pistol targets, DFS standard targets, ISSF , biathlon,long range   eg. They can be purchased through your distributor / dealer. These are made of special plastic with the right color resolution so that the laser penetrates and can be read.

  • What Laser should I use?

    The Accurize Works best with class 1 red 650nm laser

  • What temperatures can I use Accurize?

    Operating Temp. range:-25 to +35 C
    Storage Temp. range: -25 to + 55 C

  • What Approvals does Accurize have?

    CE – RoHS – FCC

  • What is the warranty time?

    One Year Limited Warranty.

  • What kind of Laser Trainer Ammo should be used?

    Accurize laser cartridge should be used as it is specially designed for the shooting system.

    Cw output poser (Po) : < 1mW
    Wavelength at peak emission: 645-665nm

  • Automatically turn off?

    If the target doesn’t register a hit within 30 minutes, it will automatically turn off. To start shooting again you need to restart the target.

    Turn the switch to on position and the red lamp will light up.

  • Changing the size of the targets?

    You can easily change the target type by sliding the target plates into the slot on the top of the target. Choose the type depending of the shooting distance and your level of shooting.

  • Battery and charging times?

    Battery working time: 8 hour (1050 mA , power consumption: 50mA)
    Battery Charging time: 10 hour (100mA)
    Battery Life: 5 Year

    The Accurize shooting system can also be used while charging.

  • Bluetooth Information

    Bluetooth: Class 1 ( 20-30m)

  • Installing the target

    1. Use the tripod to mount the Accurize target on.
    2. Simple installation or permanent installation on a wall.

    Use wooden screws with a small head that fits into the slots on the backside of the target.

  • Connecting to an Accurize shooting system

    Download the user guide from www.accurizetarget.com and select your language. 

    Accurize App Manual EN 2.1.1

    Ensure Accurize target is on and fully charged.

    Press the on/off button on the simulator screen down in the right corner. Open the app.

    Go to Settings , up in the right corner three dots ->connect to target->No Target Selected, hit scan and select target address that appears on screen. The app will now connect and return to the main screen once connected and target address is display under Target.

    Click the start session on the screen and you’re ready to start the shooting session.

  • Reconnect to Accurize target on app start up

    On the settings screen select “Reconnect On App Start” to 1.

    This assumes that it is the same smartphone / tablet used as last time.

    If multiple users of the Accurize shooting system , please do not use this feature, the target will start searching for the last connected device.

  • Users

    You can have as many users as you want on the Accurize shooting system, each with its own profile and history.

    Each user need to registrate and log in with their own profile.

    Users are different people with their own firearm.
    To add a new user see the user manual.

  • Firearms and target motifs ?

    Each user can configure as many firearms as desired. Each firearm has its own configuration option for target and sight adjustment.

    If you want to use the same firearm for different targets, you must create several firearms / targets in the application.

    See user manuals for adding a firearm / target.

    Target type: Tap inside the screen and select from many different targets.

    Manual sight adjustment: Use this setting to correct the hit points manually.

  • Settings for the targets

    There are a number of possible settings that can be adjusted according to the use of the app.

    At the top right of each page there is a small question mark, click on this and help texts appear and show what each character means.

    Go to> settings> targets> Click +  in the upper right to create a new target motif or click directly on the target you want to change settings on.

    This page appears



    and you can then change settings

    • Number of shots in the session
    • blocking for shots
    • sound
    • set disc motif
    • select tripod or Moving slider rail course/speed

    see pictures with help text



    forkl3 forkl2 forkl1 forkl

  • Record shooting session

    If you are connected to an Accurize target the “Start Session” button will become visible. Touch “Start Session” and when “waiting…” appears on screen start shooting. Your shots will be displayed in the target and scores displayed at the bottom of the screen.

    Each session is the number of shots you have defined and once all  have been fired ,the app stores the session so it can be viewed from the history screen.


  • Viewing my history

    To see your previous results and compare
    your development, click on Firearm report under the settings in the menu screen.

    Here you will find a graphic presentation of your historical shooting sessions, where you can clearly see your development.

    Here you can also see your historical data and the individual shooting series by date.

    A filter (heat map) has also been created which provides an overview of the trend towards the collections historically.

    See also operating instructions for further instructions.

  • Use of rifle scope

    Most rifle scopes are delivered today with fixed Paralaxe adjustment (normally adjusted to approximately 100m shooting distance).

    Such scopes will be challenging to work optimally with Accurize.

    The challenge is the distance to the target unit, and you will easily perceive the problem if you put the weapon on a table and aim at the target assembly.

    Moving the eye’s position will cause the reticle to move on the target, even though the firearm is quite calm. You will simply get a visual error due to the Paralax problem.

    If you choose to use a regular scope, you should use the lowest possible magnification – as well as be aware that the position of the eye is as much as possible the same on each shot. You can use Accurize as a good training tool, but precision shooting on the smallest targets- and short distance will be challenging / difficult.

    Accurize, however, works supremely if you use scopes with manual paralaxis adjustment, red-eye view, diopter or open sight.

    Accurize has also developed its own scope for short-range shooting, contact your dealer.

    It is also possible to solve the precision problem by mounting on an Accurize paralaxe cup, which is available from your dealer.

  • Scoring biathlon target

    On the biathlon target, the score is as follows.

    0 = No hits
    1 and better = standing hit
    2 = Prone hit

    The decimal display function can also be used, as increasing numbers after the decimal will indicate better hits.

  • Use of cal .22lr laser and biathlon rifles

    Its important to keep the magazine in the rifle using the cal .22lr laser.This is especially important on the rifle Izhmash.

    If the magazine is out of the rifle, the sound from the trigger pin will go down into the magazine compartment and then become too weak for the laser in the muzzle.

  • Automatic sight adjustment

    In the app, it is possible to do an automatic firearm / sight calibration so that the system sets a center point for each firearm. This means that you do not have to adjust your sights.

    Need to be done before each session if the laser cartridge have been reloaded.

    See operating instructions for further instructions or this film. Automatic sight adjustment

  • Manual sight calibration

    You can also do a manual calibration of your firearm and move the centerpoint mm pr mm. Just follow the user manual or see this film Manual calibration

  • The moving slider rail adjustments

    You can use holding ahead of the animal by choosing direction of that function in the app settings.

    You may also adjust for the speed of the animal so its the same as the moving slider rail speed.

  • Use of the moving slider rail in the app

    To use the moving slider rail and the settings for it , this must be defined in the app.

    Go to settings> targets>tap  + for a new target target> tap on the white area inside the frame> select target moose or boar > and then tap on the tripod below the target .

    You have now selected the target you want to use and the moving slider rail.

    Go with the arrow at the top left all the way back to the main page, where you will find the moving slider rail  in the bottom left corner.


    You can now tap the arrow to change the direction of the animal .

    You can now set the speed for how far ahead the animal you need to aim. Tap %.


  • Inhibit function

    This feature can be set from 1 – 10
    seconds and you then define how long
    the target should be blocked from receiving
    shots. This is especially  for
    those using our cal.22lr laser, or the acoustic modified version, where
    they find that a new laser shot is
    emitted at a charge grip after the fixed
    1.5 second time build into the cartridge. Using
    the blocking/inhibit feature allows you to take
    charge grips for up to 10 seconds after
    extraction without laser shot being
    detected at charge grip.

  • How to use short cut functions ?

    How to move fast in the menu, look here

    Move fast in the menu

  • Incorrect light conditions, red screen lamp flickering?

    If the red light on the screen is flickering, there is incorrect light on the target (UV light).

    This is perceived as a shot, so either the laser hits are not recorded or a full series of shots appears automatically.

    Move the target to other light conditions or change the ambient lighting.

    The Accurize shooting system works best with LED ambient lighting, also see the Accurize shooting lamp at your dealer.

  • Shots not registered?

    This may be due to several things.

    • Incorrect lighting conditions, change lighting conditions
    Batteries on the laser cartridge need replacing
    The end cap of the laser cartridge needs replacing. Required after about 6000 shots.
    Is the App connected to the target?

    • Low battery on the simultator screen or the phone/tablet
  • Requirements

    Accurize app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect with Accurize targets. Your device must support BLE for the Accurize app to work. Your device should also have the latest operating software installed to ensure full compatibility.

    • Most mid to high end Android™ devices support BLE running Android™ 9 and above.
    • iPhone™ 6 onwards support BLE.
    • iPad™ 5th generation onwards support BLE.
    • All iPad™ mini support BLE.Android™ and Apple™ versions of the app function identically once installed.

  • Target connection notes

    The Accurize App will only connect to nearby Accurize targets.

    • Accurize target must be in range of device with Accurize App installed to connect.
    • Accurize target must be turned on with enough battery to connect.
    • Only one Accurize target can be connected to at any time.
    • Only one device can be connected to an Accurize Target.
    • Try restarting Accurize App, Accurize target and device if issues connecting are experienced.
    • Other devices using similar frequencies to Accurize targets may effect connection range.
    • Most scopes are delivered today with fixed Parallax adjustment (normally adjusted to approximately 100m shooting distance). Such scopes will be challenging to work optimally with Accurize.

    The challenge is the distance to the target unit, and you will easily perceive the problem if you put the weapon on a table and aim at the target assembly.

    Moving the eye’s position will cause the reticle to move on the target even though the weapon is quite calm. If you choose to use a regular scope, you should use the lowest possible magnification.

    You can use Accurize as a good exercise tool, but precision shooting on a small target- and short distance will be challenging / difficult. Your distributor, will sell a very affordable scope, which works well with the Accurize target .

    Accurize works optimally if you use scopes with manual paralysis adjusment, red-eye view, diopter or open sight.